Saturday, December 25, 2010

Staying Connected

When I moved to Texas in 1977, I rarely made long distance phone calls, due to the expense.  They were saved for special occasions or holidays.  Night and weekend rates made them less expensive, but letters were a big part of staying connected.  And, I love to send cards.

Then cell phones and emails came into being.  Cell phones were great.  I had a plan for unlimited calling that made calls to the East and, especially, my parents possible.  I called more and more often...

Emails also made unlimited access possible.

Recently, I have commented several times that I am so glad the my stepdaughter asked me to join Facebook, because she posted family activities and pictures.  I have been able to not only keep up with her family, but many of my nieces and other family members post regularly on Facebook.

One of my nieces told me today that she was very glad that we can stay connected on Facebook.  It made me feel very special and close to her...That is very special to me.

Today is a holiday, I am very grateful at the multiple media that allow me to stay connected to my friends and family.  

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