Sunday, January 14, 2007

Barely an Ice Storm, But Slick None the Less

It is ice storm time and a long weekend, which does not make a good combination for me. I can hibernate one day. Often, on a three day weekend, I hibernate day two. So this time, I hibernated day one. That was a mistake. I enjoyed the hibernation, but I am the kind of person who does not sleep well if she is not active during the day. So about three hours of sleep was all I could muster.

So, what I want to know, is if the streets are really that treacherous, what are my neighbors doing driving around at 3 and 4 AM. I am guessing some sort of employment must be involved, because there is no good reason to be out on the ice at that hour of the day.

I myself am hoping for thawing weather. My vehicle sits outside and had a casing of ice on it Saturday. So, part of my non-hibernation will be to de-ice the vehicle. And, maybe, go for a quick trip to the store.. I keep a well stocked pantry, but I never have everything I want. Besides, although I keep things "on hand" I generally use up the same things, over and over, so need to restock the shelves.



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