Thursday, July 08, 2010


It is July 8, 2010. I was at Barnes and Noble tonight for the Mystery Book Club. The last time I was at Barnes and Noble was June 10, 2010, for the Mystery Book Club. In June, I did not do much browsing, but tonight, on my way out, I did.

And, I saw a table of calendars. 2011 calendars. I did not recall seeing them last month. But they were out now, and they may have been out then. I am wondering if it is early for 2011 calendars to be out.

But, a few weeks ago, I received a complimentary calendar in the mail. It starts with July 2010 and goes through December 2011. This makes a little bit of sense for me. But having 2011 calendars seem a bit early. Who is planning their life for 6 months from now? Not me.

I have previously mentioned in this blog my habit not to bring a calendar to a meeting, so I can have a chance to plan and ponder before making a commitment. This gives me some power and control.

I understand that by September or October, people will need to start planning their lives into January... But why are the calendars out now? 

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