Thursday, February 24, 2011

Severe Weather

This has been a time of severe weather.  Across various parts of the nation, during various times since the winter season started last fall, there have been a myriad of crippling and damaging snow storms. The storm that affected Lubbock a few weeks ago spread from Arizona to the New England states.  Its breadth was amazing.

Tonight, the midsection of the country is experiencing severe thunderstorms with possible tornadoes. The end of February is a little early to see this kind of activity, but obviously very possible.

Lubbock had some severe winds lately. Including today, the dust was up.

This coming weekend, the Science Spectrum in Lubbock is hosting Severe Weather Awareness Day.  I went last year.  There was a presentation about storm chasing, and a tour of the National Weather Service offices, which are in the same building as the Science Spectrum.   This year, there is an OMNI presentation of the film Storm Chasers. 

Maybe this is an activity that will interest you.  Being aware of and prepared for severe weather, whether it is snow, ice, wind, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, cold, heat, floods will help you to better survive it.

If you do not have a severe weather radio, it is a very good idea to get one.

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