Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What Can You Do?

Each of us has some skill, talent or qualification that enables and allows us to contribute to our community.  The question is: "What Can You Do?"

We frequently think of political activism as protest, politicking, campaigning. Well, it can also be helping people to get out to vote. Encouraging people to just be more aware of the issues. Encouraging people to contact their legislators on the local, county, state and federal level, especially regarding a specific issue. Encouraging people to help in parts of the community that are undeserved. Attending minority celebrations, activities and ceremonies. The latter can be solidarity building and uplifting!

Through our churches,religious and community organizations we can be involved in activities that help the poor, homeless, poverty stricken, downtrodden.

There are organizations that embrace our physical talents and help to build and repair homes and community facilities to the benefit of all.

There are a multiplicity of civic, service and community organizations who work to help to provide support, sustenance and assistance to the community. Some are local. Some are local branches or chapters of national or international organizations.

There are organizations that help to foster children, in their home environments, or institutional environments. Organizations help to protect childrens' rights, and advocate for their well being.

There are organizations that seek to protect and defend the well being of developmentally challenged individuals of all ages. And organizations to help to protect minorities, however minorities are defined: race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic background or what have you.

There are organizations that seek to protect pets, other animals, wildlife, the environment.

There are so many options for helping to improve our society, that the question is not "What Can You Do" but "What Will You Do, and What Will It Be, and When Will You Do It?"

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