Sunday, May 08, 2011

Change of Habits

I am a creature of habit.  One is that I tend to plan a kayak ride for later in the day.  I think this is because during the week, I go kayaking after work.  There has not been too much kayaking this year: the wind has been too strong, and the dust makes being outside uncomfortable.  But, I have had the chance to go.

I was thinking about kayaking later today.  But, I heard the weather report, and it send windy later today, with possible gusts up to 40 mph.  I decided to get out there and get it done.  I am glad I leave the kayak loaded for the most part during the summer.  It makes getting out to the lake quicker, one less thing to do to get there.  

I had a great ride around the lake.  Yesterday, I saw a sailboater loading up to go.  I would have enjoyed watching him on the water. Later in the day, I saw a fisherman launch a 2 person sit-on-top kayak.  Today, there was a john boat out, and the occupant was obviously fishing.  It is nice to get out.

I also enjoyed the birdwatching both days.  Some different birds, some the same.  And of course, the turtles were sunning.

I am glad I am flexible enough to change my habits.

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