Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Great Cat Capers

I have previously talked about the cat "panty raid" that so tickled me...but there are other cat activities that are interesting to me:

The other day, as I was laying in bed, reading, Sake raced from the bed to the floor level linen closet, which is really a cupboard. She opens the door, and sits inside. Haiku races to sit outside. I was concerned that Sake could not get out of the cupboard by herself, but after checking it out, it was obvious the cupboard does not close securely, and Sake could let herself out, at will...It was late, late at night, and after watching Haiku sit outside the cupboard for about 20-30 minutes, I must have dozed off. The next thing I knew, Sake raced through the bedroom in the opposite direction, Haiku close behind. After they reached the kitchen, things seemed to calm down.... Hmmm..

Tonight, Sake was opening the middle drawer of the waterbed underdresser. I did not realize what was happening, and as I walked by to go to the bathroom, I started to close the drawer. I stopped, realizing it was too heavy. I opened the drawer, and lo and behold, Haiku was in it. I left things as they were. The cats continued to play with the drawer... I do not understand the game, unless it is some version of hide and seek... It seems to be.. Hmmm.


Monday, December 10, 2007

I Love My Cats

I love my cats....

Sake, who has been part of my family since the fall of 2001. Who lived with Bob and Micky, the house huskie, and I, for several months. Who crawled up under Micky's belly, trying to suckle. More than once, which allowed for us to get a picture. Sake, who has too much hair. Who liked to sleep on our faces when she was a baby.

Sake, who started life in a Christian family, with dogs, children, lots of love and a welcoming back yard.

Sake, who was sad and lonely when I left Bob, February 2002, and, when I started working long hours. But who did not want to accept Haiku, in November 2002. Haiku, who started life in a family with a freshman college owner who was not present, a mother who worked, as did I, two jobs, and a dachshund who ruled the roost. Haiku came to the house and it took several weeks to get the two cats to a point where they could be together:

Haiku who was crazy and shy and scared and did not know how to play....

Sake, prim, neat, prima donna. Haiku, a little messy, but unphased by anything. Just mellow and there....

Sake who was weaned with love, joy, and fervor of life...

When I went back to be with Bob, they went with me... Haiku took to Bob, which pleased him to know end. Bob's house had a loft, and Haiku jumped off the about 15' height at least twice that I know of.... And survived. Wow!

She learned about play, joy and love of life, which I don't think I could have taught her in town.

Sake, the escape artist, got out in town more than once, and got out at Bob's more than once. She spent a cold night outside once, but did not ask in. She knew how: she had done so in town before. Once, she almost jumped into a huskie pen, early on a cold, bitter morning: the huskie would not have brooked her invasion. I grabbed her by a hair's breath...SAVED.

Adjustment back in town was hard: a small, unfun house after living in a large, two story cupboard rich house. Both girls open cupboard doors, climb on top shelf areas, open drawers to lay on the contents, or remove them.

An early morning interlude gave new meaning to "panty raid:" the girls opened the drawer in my dresser that contained my underwear. They pawed it out of the drawer, taking turns: one on the top of the dresser, one on the floor...

When we returned to town, the rule was only one cat at a time on the bed or on the sofa... almost three years later, the rules have changed: both cats can be on the sofa or bed at the same time.

Just this weekend, as I spent quite a bit of time knitting and watching movies, or reading, each girl took her turn, more than once, curling up in my lap and snuggling against me..

We are all mellowing and loving each other more and more... I love my cats. They wake me at 3:30 AM for breakfast. Or 4:30 AM. Never on the hour, I do not know why...

They both like to walk on the keyboard of the laptop...

Sake worries about the feral cats in the yard, and sometimes is incessant in her cries that they be fed... But, then, sometimes, she is incessant in her cries that she get some different food that what she has..

The racing and chasing is fun to watch.

I love my cats...