Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Revelations, or as a niece would say, epiphanies

The trail to this epiphany is a little circuitous, but I will explain that some of it includes that I have started reading "The Gospel According to Oprah" by Marcia Z. Nelson... There were somethings in the beginning of the book that made me realize something about time: Most of you may be familiar with the Bible verses about there being a time for every season or purpose... Being a raised Catholic, I can not quote chapter and verse... The Byrds, in the 60s or 70s released a song, "Turn, Turn, Turn" which expresses the idea that there is a time for every season under heaven....(a time to be born, a time to die, etc). I have always understood this to mean that there is a time of year or a timeline for every event that happens

What I have not understood, until today, is that there is time for EVERY event that happens, under Heaven.. I mean, whatever is happening right now, right this minute, is allowed as much time as it needs, as it takes.... This means that I have permission, the right, the OBLIGATION, if you will, to take as much time as I need to, to experience this event that is happening right now... I know that for years I have not been able to wait patiently, sit still, not multi-task, because I was rushing through life, perhaps without allowing time for the event at hand...What have I missed... What could I or should I have taken the time to experience?

So, for whatever is now happening, I have time to experience it, if I allow myself that time... what a revelation..

Part of this epiphany includes an experience while I was undergoing a medical procedure recently... The technician was asking me if I was in a hurry to go on to something else, explaining that her week had been full of people who were in a hurry to go on to something else, including one person who was trying to catch a plane...

I told her I used to be like that, but have learned, a long time ago, not to put myself in that position... I go to my appointments with nothing pending, nothing to rush for... I have always been blessed with
jobs with sick leave, but did not appreciate the time it allowed me... I have generally been blessed with jobs with flexible schedules, but again, did not appreciate the time it allowed me....Now, I just go, and accept the procedure at hand is the primary task, and whatever I can do to make waiting pleasant is a blessing.

I realized this when I heard a young mother ask when their turn for care would occur... They were "walk-ins" who had been waiting a while, and also needed to get some lab work done before closing, and it was getting late. The receptionist agreed to "hold" their spot, while they went for the lab work... I was thinking about how many times I had angrily asked when "my turn" would occur...I was so rude. What made me think my time was so important, I was so special, that I did not have to wait my turn... (what a jerk I was.)

I am grateful to have this revelation of time: to know that what I am doing is the most important thing I can and should be doing at this time, for this time of my life...

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