Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Democratic National Convention

I have watched parts of the Democratic National Convention. I missed Senator Ted Kennedy's speech live, saw the re-run. I watched the brother of Mrs. Barack Obama introduce his sister, and watched her speech. I saw some of Senator Hillary Clinton's speech, but missed much of the content...

August 27, 2008, I had a doctor appointment. It is unusual for me to leave this doctor's office before 5 PM, but I was home by about 4:10 PM. I realized I had forgotten to put some mail out for the letter carrier, and I had a free movie from Blockbuster about to expire at the end of the month... There was time for a vigorous walk to the US Postal Service and then to Blockbuster and be home in time for the Yankee-Red Sox game this evening...

So, when I got home, I checked The Weather Channel... It was some minutes shy of the baseball game telecast, so I thought to check in on the convention, not expecting much to be happening....

New Mexico was up, next to cast their delegate votes, with Senator Barack Obama, having some 1500 plus compared to Senator Hillary Clinton's 340 plus...(I think.) New Mexico in their eloquent way, yielded to Illinois... Illinois yielded to New York... Senator Clinton came in and said two important things: all the votes will be counted, and then she made a motion to nominate Senator Obama by acclamation....It was a very emotional moment...And, of course, it was done!

I found myself in tears, and I do not know exactly why.. But, what this lead me to think is that I do want to do some sort of campaign work for Senator Obama... Things happen for a reason: Had I worked a full day, I might have been home and had the TV on at that time... More than likely, I would not have had the TV on, or, I probably would have tuned directly to ESPN where the baseball game was to be aired...(I checked into that before I left for work in the morning.)

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