Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Game

Have I written about the game that Haiku likes to play?  She likes to bat a pen or piece of plastic off the TV tray next to the computer desk, onto the floor. I pick it up, put it on the TV tray, and she bats it off, again.  This is a game she plays over and over and over again.

Tonight, I caught her:  I left the room briefly, and when I came back, she was on the floor playing with the piece of plastic.  She had it in her mouth, and I have to wonder if she was going to jump back on the tray with it, but I caught her, so she dropped it and waited for me to put it on the tray...

I am not surprised.   I have long suspected she has played the drop game by herself, given the items that end up on the floor.



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