Monday, July 19, 2010

Taking Turns

For the longest time, Sake did not like to sit in the computer room with me, while Haiku would sit with me regularly.  Things have changed.

I keep a wooden TV tray next to my chair in front of the computer...I am sitting on a metal folding chair, because Haiku expropriated my office chair.  For a couple of years, at least, she sat on the chair and I would have to move her to use the computer... Last fall, I moved in the metal chair, and she continued to use the office chair...

Then, I moved in the TV tray, and she took to laying on that... Even if I am trying to use it.  She especially likes to play the pen game: I put a pen on the tray, and she plays with it till it drops off, then she stares at it until I pick it up, put it on the tray, and the game starts again...

Lately, Sake has started to use the TV tray.  So, when she is on the TV tray, Haiku is not in the office.  And when Haiku is on the TV tray, Sake sits outside the office and looks in, but does not like to come in (unless it is meal time, and she thinks I need to feed her).



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