Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cat Jealousies

Sake is the dominant cat in our house. I try as best I can to make sure that Haiku is tended to and gets her share of attention… These measures have included giving her a water dish in the shower, and a separate feeding area. I will say that Haiku will spend time with me in the office, although, recently, Sake has taken to sitting next to me there. And, Haiku sleeps in bed with me, where Sake once slept… Recently, as well as last fall, Sake has taken to coming to bed with us.

Sake gets me up in the morning, although Haiku is usually present. And, sometimes, Haiku awakens me.

Lately, Sake has been very mean and spiteful, both to me and Haiku. She drinks out of Haiku’s additional water dish. She eats out of the extra dishes. She sits in Haiku’s favorite spot when she sits in the garage.

I have tried to spend some time in the living room, as when I am in the office, Sake frequently comes in and cries, wanting nothing more than to have me move to the living room. She sits on the back or arm of the sofa. When she does, Haiku is hesitant to join us on the sofa… I have to be aware to invite her. But that works.

Sometimes, we just need to be sure we express our feelings and invite our loved ones into our lives…Nothing is worse than love unexpressed.

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