Saturday, October 09, 2010

Deep Fried

I should preface this by saying I was watching the Texas Tech Red Raider vs. Baylor Bears football game, today. It was being played in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, and at this time of the year, the Texas State Fair is occurring on the grounds around the Cotton Bowl. The announcers talked about all the food in which they had indulged. The announcers were shown, one with what was probably a corn dog, the other with a turkey leg. They made several comments about the turkey leg which made me wonder if they did not usually see turkey legs. They also talked about all the fried foods to be found at the fair.

My questions are many:

Do other parts of the country serve turkey legs as part of the junk food frenzy that accompanies fairs, carnivals, festivals, tailgating, and other activities where junk food is consumed in abundance. Is that a Texas thing? Is that a southern thing? Or is it common everywhere. Inquiring mind (mine) wants to know.

What has become very popular recently at these same types of activities is the fried food. It started with battered and fried cheese... Now we see fried snickers, fried s'mores, fried milky ways, fried Oreos, and I have heard, but not seen advertised, fried butter. I understand the latter is fried in cornbread dough (like a corn dog or fried cheese) and the butter just drips when you bite into it...I have not seen anything other than corn dogs or fried cheese, although the South Plains Fair advertised fried snickers, fried milky ways and fried s'mores. 

I understand other items have included Deep Fried Sweet JalapeƱo Corn Dog Shrimp, Deep Fried Beer, Fried Peanut Butter, Deep Fried Peaches & Cream, Fried Banana Split, Jelly and Banana Sandwich. This year, Fried Club Sandwich, Deep Fried S'mores Pop Tart, Deep Fried Frito Pie and Fried Lemonade were possible fare.

If you care to comment, I would like to know about the turkey legs, and if you have a favorite decadent food, mentioned or not.

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