Sunday, October 03, 2010

Angry Kitty

The cat sitter gave a good report on the girls, who were appropriate while I was gone.  It is obvious to her, as to me, that Haiku suffers at Sake's temper, and Sake has a low frustration tolerance.

So, after I was settled enough to tend to the girls, i.e., everything in the house from the car, since they were both wanting outside, I put them on their leashes and we went out front.... As usual, they went different ways...I will not let them off my property, and I will not let one in an area where I can not see both at the same time... Sake was not too happy about that...

When she became frightened and wanted into the house, she would not let me unhook the harness, so then I tried to unhook the leash.  Sake just lashed out, yowling and scratching.  She was let in.  Then, Haiku wanted in... Sake took after her, and Haiku hid for a while.. Now, Haiku is okay, and Sake is settled, if not happy...

I hate that Sake gets SO tempermental, but that is who she is...



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