Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat Food Part Two

Well, I went to a class tonight. Before the class, I went home and fed the cats.  When I got home from class, Haiku was waiting at the garage door, to go into the garage...I did not realize it, and tried to close the garage door, but not too hard, and felt Haiku in it, so let her into the garage. She did not stay long, and has been in and out since.

But, in the house, the dish containing the "indoor" cat food that I poured out for Haiku was not on the newspaper where I put it... It had been moved to the middle of the floor, and Sake was guarding not only it, but the entire eating area...

So, when I let Haiku back into the house, I moved the dish of "indoor" cat food onto the bed, where Haiku gets other treats...She ate for quite a while before she wanted back into the garage.

Keeping everyone happy is hard...

This tells me there is strife between my cats, but we do the best we can.



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