Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's God

I have recently received several emails or attachments to emails that basically say when things come together, "It's God," or if things do not come together the way we want, "It's God." 

I have to say that I believe this is so true.  We do have free will and can make what choices we want to make, but I see the hand of God in my choices so many times.

I think of all the times I thought I wanted to leave Lubbock, and had some plan or other to do so...Every time, something stepped in to stop me...

I believe it was the hand of God, guiding me along the way so I would be in the right place to do the work I do at the psychiatric prison where I work...

I very often say things to patients that seem to resonate with them so well... But those are not my words...  I believe that God gives me those words, not so I can proselytize, because I do not discuss religion, but so I can offer comfort or wisdom or assistance or solace to the patient with whom I am speaking.

I am frequently reminded, and frequently remind people, that we should not pray for our wishes, but for the strength and wisdom from God to endure or thrive in the setting he has provided for us.

A niece told me about the movie Shadowlands  In it C S Lewis is asked about his habit of prayer.  The gist of the comments he makes is that prayer does not change God, but changes him...

It's God.

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