Friday, September 10, 2010

Listening to the Enemy

I am a fan of Yankee and Red Sox baseball, but I live in Texas Ranger territory... Which means, I have limited access to Yankee and Red Sox baseball games on TV or radio, unless those teams are in the play offs in the fall...

However, the Yankees and Red Sox have such a storied rivalry, that sometimes they are on a national telecast when they play each other...  And, since both of them are frequently in the lead in their division, or vying for a play off spot, I might see a national broadcast of one or both.

When the Yankees or the Red Sox are in Chicago, sometimes I have access to the broadcast.  And, if they are engaged in inter-league play with the Atlanta Braves, I might have access to see them...And, there are the other odd telecasts.

But, when they are playing the Rangers, generally some if not all of the games are available, either on the Fox network, or the Rangers network of local stations.  Either way, I get to listen to pro-Rangers announcers while I watch the game.  I am almost comfortable listening to pro-Rangers announcers.  I sometimes think I should broaden my horizons and at least pretend to be interested in the Rangers, so I could have more access to Ranger baseball.  But, even so, we do not get regular TV or radio broadcasts of Rangers games. 

I am used to the world of Red Sox, where most of their games were available on television and ALL of their games were available on the radio....

Not so the Rangers.  So, how can you support a team, if the team does not support your viewership nor listenership?

And, I will give credit to the Rangers announcers.  I am sure they behave this way, with any opposing team, but they are always respectful, and give credit to the Yankees or Red Sox.



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