Sunday, September 05, 2010

Poetic Justice

When the football coaching controversy erupted in Lubbock, Tx, after Mike Leach  was fired, Ruffin McNeil was included in the list of possible head coaches for Texas Tech.  This was not unreasonable.  Ruffin McNeil took over the Texas Tech defensive coaching  position when the previous coach's performance was horrendous. Ruffin McNeil coached Texas Tech for the Alamo Bowl  Ruffin
McNeil is well liked by players, other coaches, and the general public, and made a difference with the Texas Tech defense.

When Mike Leach was fired, Ruffin McNeil was appointed interim coach for the Texas Tech Red Raiders when they went to the Alamo Bowl.

When he was offered a head coaching position for the East Caroline Pirates so many people in Lubbock were thrilled that he was offered a head coaching position, although the sentiment was that if Tommy Tuberville wanted him, he would still be a wonderful defensive coach at Texas Tech...(But it made no political sense for him to stay..) And, before Tommy Tuberville was hired as head coach to for Texas Tech football, there was a large contingency of Texas Tech fans who wanted Ruffin McNeil to be the head coach.

During the Texas Tech vs. SMU telecast, ESPN is reporting on the results of the East Carolina Pirates vs. Tulsa.  What poetic justice this is, to let Lubbock know how Ruffin McNeil is doing...

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