Sunday, September 05, 2010

Changing routines

I am nothing, if not a creature of habit, and when I change my habit, my world goes awry.

The weather has changed from oppressively hot and humid to very fine cooler and windier weather.  With this, I am opening the windows and using less air conditioning inside.   But, this creates a problem:  I have to remember to close ALL the windows and doors before I leave home.  I try to do this in a routine, but sometimes, do not recall if I have completely closed everything:  Recently, I returned home from work, but found everything secured.  I went out one night, returned home, and discovered not only did I leave windows open, they were opened in an unlocked position. Another time, I returned home, only to find I had secured everything I should have, but did not recall, securing.

Okay, lesson to self: before I leave the driveway, I need to take a second mental walk around to make sure everything is secured as it should be, so I can go back into the house to double check it, if need be...Easy to do.  How easy to remember. 



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