Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fresh vs. Store Bought

Every time I go to New England, or have been to the Texas coast, I enjoy the wonderfully fresh flavor of fresh fish and seafood. I return to West Texas, buy seafood, and am so disappointed.

I remember when I was married to Lisenby, and we would go fishing either freshwater or saltwater.  The catch was cooked fresh, and there is no substitute for fresh caught, fresh cooked fish.  Yum.

I also remember the fresh flavors of fresh vegetables:  Lisenby had friends with gardens, and we were able to pick after they did. We also had a garden. With Badger, we also had a garden and wonderful fresh vegetables.  I also go to farm stands, and have off and on for years.

It is good to get fresh vegetables and fruit.  But, farm markets keep their produce in the heat, after picking.  Grocery stores refrigerate the produce.  Which is better?  Farm markets pick when produce is ripe... Supermarkets get pre-ripe produce that will last an extended period of time...

What is the pay off?

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