Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Dentist

For years, I have been deathly afraid of going to the dentist.

My experiences as a child at the dentist were horrible.  I remember my friends talking about Novocaine and how it made your mouth feel.  I do not remember getting Novocaine regularly when I went to the dentist, although I had a lot of cavities and my teeth required a lot of work, including drilling at every appointment.  For years, the thought of drilling my teeth made me extremely anxious.  I remember mean lectures and lots and lots of pain.

I hated my smile and my teeth, that were crooked and and ugly.  And, my childhood dentist never addressed that.

Consequently, as an adult, I have avoided going to the dentist as much as I could.  But, my teeth gave me problems, and some years ago, in the early 1990s, I had enough trouble that I had to go to a dentist.  I had dental insurance that limited which dentists I could use.  I felt that the one I went to was rough and mean. Again.  I had oral surgery, and that was that.

Over the years, I had a bad front tooth that embarrassed me, but not to the extent that it sent me to the dentist.   I just could not do it.  Until that tooth abscessed, and I felt I had no choice.  I asked around, and a co-worker recommended a dentist who was very good, very gentle, very kind.  

I took my time getting an appointment, and when my appointment day arrived, the abscess had all but resolved.  My secretary (whom I love dearly) was concerned I would not keep the appointment, and reminded me of it.  I kept the appointment.

I was amazed!  Everyone in this dentist's office was so kind, so friendly, so wonderful... The dental assistant and the dentist explained everything they were doing. They used maximum pain deadeners, and the dentist even lectured me to be sure I used the pain medication he
prescribed to keep the pain in control   (That was the only lecture he gave me.  Nothing about my poor oral hygiene and my not using dental care regularly.  I told him my coworker who referred me told me he would not yell at me. He acknowledged that as being counterproductive to getting people to going to the dentist.)

Everyone with whom I had contact said if you need something, call. I had a follow up appointment.  I did not need pain killers this time.  But everyone with whom I interacted said if I needed something, call... Wow! 

I am thoroughly amazed by the customer service attention that is exhibited by ALL the staff at this dental office.  Can  you imagine if you went through your day, and everyone had the same attitude... Wow!


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