Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Front Blew In

A coworker commented today that the front blew in about 3 AM today.  The wind was luxuriously freshening when I walked out the door this morning.  Another coworker commented how unusual our summer weather has been: we have had heat and humidity but very little wind.  It is the wind the helps to make living on the plains in the summer tolerable.  It cools the night.  But we have not had night cooling this year.  I check at midnight, hoping the front had blown in, and it was still 82° and still too hot to open up the windows.

The first thing I did tonight when I got home was open the windows. The fresh air is great!  With the front, the grey clouds moved in.  It was nice to have the cloud cover, which helped to keep things cool. We hope for rain, but are relieved at the break in the weather.

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