Saturday, August 21, 2010

NASCAR at Bristol

I have been a NASCAR fan since the early 80s, and at that time, there were many short track races, but very few night races.  The August race at Bristol, Tn was the exception: a short track race at night.  It is one of my most favorite races, unless there are so many cautions, that there is little racing.

I like short track racing... The speeds are slower, but the action is greater, and drivers who are several laps down can easily come back to place well... There is a lot of "traffic racing" and cars that have severe body damage can still race competitively.

I like night racing:  there is more "flash."  I am sure the paint jobs on the cars are designed to reflect the light.  You can see the sparks, and the cherry red glow of the brakes much easier.  It is more festive, and you do not notice the smoke as much.

This is NASCAR at its best.

This is the Bristol weekend, and the action does not disappoint.  For the Spring Cup racing, tickets are hard to come by, and some years, are snapped up well before race time.  It is a well attended race.

I have been to the track while driving cross country.  The highways into the area are designed to handle the massive amounts of traffic.  The track looks like a steep bowl, and has a store where memorabilia can be purchased even during non-event times.  You KNOW this is an economic boom to the Thunder Valley Bristol area.   Good for them. 

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