Friday, August 13, 2010

Angelic Candles

A coworker's grandchild was involved in a fund raiser, and they were selling candles. I love candles, but do not burn them openly in the house.  I had a candle burning on my dining table, a cat jumped on the table, swished her tail, and caught it on fire.  Fortunately, I was sitting right there, and put the fire out by just running my hand on her tail....She did not like the smell of burning protein/hair which she demonstrated by wiggling her nose in distaste.  But, it was her fur...I, too, do not like the smell of burned protein, or burned hair, which is the odor you will encounter when you smell the after effects of a permanent wave procedure... (Yuck).

So, I am enjoying the wonderful scent of this candle, which is from Angelic Candles. My coworkers who have also purchased and burned their candles have expressed delight in the scent from these candles...

Thank you, Jaden, for allowing us to purchase these candles.



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