Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My CoWorkers

I am scheduled for a day off on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.  I had an emergent situation occur today, August 10, 2010, and for a while I thought I might have to cancel my day off.  The situation required several entities at work to do something in a timely manner.  My job was to dog these entities, if they did not do their task...

A coworker helped me to figure out a logistics problem, and the person covering for me agreed to follow up on a minor deed. The logistics problem occured because I had a dental appointment and could not see it through at work.  The doctor involved, and the clinic scheduler involved did what they were supposed to do... The notary public involved was flexible to help us.

I can take the day off on Wednesday August 11, and pick up the pieces Thursday.  Isn't it wonderful when everyone does their job the way they should, and your coworkers help you out when you need it.

Way to go, guys!

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