Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Finding things

This was a day.  Because of a water heater complication when I awoke today, my early morning was a little frazzled.   I knew I had placed the cell phone on the night stand, as always, and plugged it into the charger.  But, this morning, I could not find it.

This afternoon, I was looking for my wrist purse, which holds my driver's license and Chase credit card, and it was no where. Until I looked in the wrong pocket of my fanny pack which I use as a purse. And, it was there.

Well, the water heater complication was that I did not have hot water this morning, so had to do a "shower in a bucket" and get on to work.  Before I Ieft the house, I relit the pilot, which is still lit tonight and I do have hot water.

Complications, but not serious problems. Reminders not to take life for granted...



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