Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoes and Cats

I wear a particular kind of Sketchers: lots of support and no laces.  A little more expensive than shoes I wore years ago, but they offer the support I need to pound the tile covered concrete floors at the very large facility where I work.

Sake likes these shoes.  So much so that she has ruined two pair by scratching at them.  I now keep my good work shoes in a box, so she can not get to them when I am around.  She has taken to hugging the box in which I keep these shoes.

When I wear out a pair of shoes, I do not throw them away if they are usable.  I use Shoe Goo http://www.biosafe-inc.com/shoegoo.htm when the tops separate from the soles, and that makes the shoes wearable again. I have an hierarchy of usage, with the most worn shoes used for the dirtiest of jobs. 

Sake likes those shoes, too.  But she likes the newest shoes the best. She lays on them, sniffs them, hugs them. 

Not sure why.



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