Sunday, July 25, 2010

Herbs and Spices

I am enjoying reading the Susan Albert series of murder mysteries involving China Bayles, owner of a herb shop in the hill country of Texas .

I have often joked that when I cook, I start with onions and garlic and go from there. Reading these books, and the recipes that get included in them, I have learned a new appreciation for herbs and spices...Now, when I cook, it is not just onions and garlic, but  herbs, spices and peppers, fresh, canned or dried, depending on the situation.

Tonight, I opened a box of Triscuit crackers; they had rosemary and olive oil as flavoring.  I was totally amazed and impressed at what an improvement that made to an already tasty Triscuit cracker. Wow! I know this, but I am reminded about it...Yummm!

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