Monday, August 02, 2010


I could be but am not a hoarder...I am not a collector, and there are many, many people in this world who are collectors.  I can not imagine collecting like compulsive collectors do. You have to have the space, the interest in going out and finding things, and an eye for a deal, and a willingness to bargain, barter... That is so not me...

But, collectors serve an important place in our society. They keep "stuff" that has minimal value for the rest of us, until someone realizes how valuable, priceless, rare some of the "stuff" is. 

I think of all the museum artifacts from the Revolutionary War period, and wonder, in 200 plus years, how much will be available from our time period.

One of the funniest commentaries on artifacts, archeology, "stuff", etc that I have ever read is the book:  Motel of the Mysteries  by David Macaulay.  If you have not read it, I would recommend that you take the very short time it would take to read it... It is hilarious... And demonstrates what kind of miscontruances can occur with incomplete information.

I had not watched Antique Roadshow;  Pawn Stars ; American Pickers until the OLLI Appraisal Fair.   That turned me on to these shows.  And, they are wonderful.. I really enjoy them, when I am in the mood.

I think my most favorite is Pawn Stars.

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