Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hercules Poirot

I was first introduced to Agatha Christie's Hercules Poirot on PBS Mystery Theater.  Then, AE channel started showing these programs. This month, Hercules Poirot is back on PBS.  Things in life frequently go full cycle.  It gives us symmetry and an awareness that life is a true cycle.  And, some of us like to say, "what goes around comes around." And, that is true in many, many ways.

What do I like about Poirot and Agatha Christie's stories.  Well, first of all, his character and personality. The way he speaks, and talks about "the little gray cells."  His self assuredness, his waddling walk.

I also love the exotic settings, the wonderful art deco houses, the period in England when these are set... The character that develops is incredible. (The Miss Marple series also catches this, but a little earlier, maybe.)  I love the men's outfits. 

These are tales of a different time, a different world. But what wonderful tales!

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