Thursday, August 05, 2010


I love words.  I know I have written that statement before, but it is true, and it has not changed.  I remember fondly a coworker with whom I could talk for extended periods of time about words: what they mean, what feelings they evoke, what they are associated with.

I play word games:  early in my life, I learned about crossword puzzles.  I had two uncles, one on my mother's side, and one on my father's side, who loved crosswords puzzles. The uncle on my mother's side was my most favorite uncle of all.  He completed the newspaper crossword puzzle daily, and submitted it to the newspaper in hopes of winning a prize.  I am not sure he ever won a prize, but he loved his puzzles.

The other uncle used to visit us on Sunday evening to use our dictionaries in his effort to complete the New York Times crossword puzzle.  He shared that with me...And he often completed the puzzle.  And, as I got older, I participated.  (He moved in with us at some point.,too.)

I went off to college, and did not know that completing the New York Times Sunday crossword was quite a feat! 

Some years ago, an administrative secretary at work made the daily puzzle available to us.  Sometimes Friday's puzzle stumped me, but I could do most of the others.

I discovered double crostics somewhere in my life, and fell in love with them. I am not now as diligent as working them as I was years ago, when I did not have on line puzzles, but I LOVE double crostics.

On line, I have found scrabble, letter rip, pathwords.  All wonderful word games.  I can play scrabble with someone, or with the computer. 

I love words. 

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