Thursday, August 05, 2010


I like to learn.  I like to learn for learning's sake, and I am blessed with a mind that allows that.  I remember things that are important to me.  I make connections. I sometimes can conceptualize. 

I am happy looking things up (on line, in a dictionary, in an encyclopedia.)  When I was young, sometimes I would just sit and read the encyclopedia we had. If something sparks my interest, and I do not know enough about it, I "look it up."  These days, looking it up might mean, and usually does mean, getting on the Internet.  I love the convenience of looking things up on the Internet.

I will admit that there are somethings about which I have no interest, so I do not pursue them, but put in the situation to learn about them, I do not mind.  I do enjoy learning about nature, geology, the environment, the stories of people in history (not dates, places, etc, although that puts the people in their place).

I joined the Texas Tech Osher Life Long Learning Institute two years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed the learning opportunities.

Recently, I signed up to get information from Elderhostel, whose new name is Road Scholar.  I am excited about thinking I can plan some trips through this organization. Because they are fun and educational.

It is said we should learn something new everyday.  And, if we keep learning, we keep living.  Well, keep me learning. 



Anonymous Anita said...

I'm always surprised when I see that some people aren't interested in learning about...well anything.

These days when it only takes a second to Google the answer to pretty much any question it's strange to hear someone wonder about something and then say 'eh, oh well.' And when it's suggested that they Google the answer they're like 'nah too much work.'

I'm thinking 'Really because if that was my question it would kill me not to know.' Lol different perspectives I guess :).

August 08, 2010 4:09 AM  
Blogger jnap said...

I agree. If I have the question, I want the answer.

August 08, 2010 6:45 AM  

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