Monday, August 23, 2010

Adult Learning

Two years ago, I joined the Texas Tech Osher Life Long Learning Institute, , which is a series of mini-classes, lunch and learn, reading circles, symphony and dinner for adults over 50.  The topics vary, there are no grades, no homework.  They take input regarding topics. 

I have really enjoyed the various classes I have taken: astrology, archeology of the Lubbock area, the reading circle, comparative religion, reading and mystery books seminars, printing, symphony and a pre-symphony meal, to name a few.

I will be signing up for more classes tomorrow: there is an orientation/sign up session at the Frazier Pavilion on the Texas Tech Campus. I am looking forward to more classes this fall and next spring... This is exciting.

I recently joined Elderhostel, which has changed it's name to Roads Scholar . They have a large number of travel/educational experiences both in the United States, and internationally.  Many of the trips are longer than I want to take: I like 3-4 day trips, and many trips are 5 or more days. But some of them look very exciting.  I wish my travel budget was bigger.

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