Thursday, August 26, 2010

Serendipity in the Max

A coworker needed a ride to pick up his vehicle at the repair shop...He was flexible with time, and I was leaving early to go to a reading club meeting. 

Normally in the summer, I have the kayak in  the Vue, and do not have passenger capacity, but because I had brought the view in for service, recently, I decided to take the kayak and paraphenalia out of the vehicle.  So, I had passenger capacity.

I thought the reading club was at the Distance Learning Center on the Texas Tech campus. The repair shop was between where we work and the Distance Learning Center: no problem.  I always leave a little early to get to the reading club because I dislike the feeling of being rushed...and I hate to be late.

I dropped off the coworker, and wended my way through the city streets and Texas Tech Campus to the Distance Learning Center.  I was early, but realized that there were very few vehicles there (many of the reading club members arrive early).  Oh, I realized that we had changed the location of the reading club to the Barnes and Noble store, which is located at the South Plains Mall, more southwest of town.  Well, I made my way to the Mall, and got to Barnes and Noble before the reading club began...Wow!  That was amazing to me...

It was a good discussion about a book of poetry.

Had I been paying attention to where the reading club was meeting, I could not have assisted my coworker.  Helping my coworker is important to me, and I am glad all worked out.....

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