Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Language of Baseball

Often, I think about the language of baseball, and how it is insinuated into our daily language usage:

Get to first base (make a hit with someone,especially dating)

Make a hit (get a favorable response)

Safe at home (score a run or victory)

Score (get a winning response)

Double play (two for one)

Bat it around (think about it)

Strike out (get no where, not to first base)

Two strikes against (starting out behind)

Farm out (send to the farm team for more experience or practice)

Hit a homer (score a run with one swing, get results)

Foul out (hit a foul that is caught/played for an out)

Go to the bullpen (get help)

Be in the bullpen (be available to be ready to help)

Throw strikes (pitch perfectly)

Pitch (toss something out for consideration)

On deck (waiting {to hit})

The World Series of (the final competition for supremacy of)

Error (mistake)

Pinch hit (step in for)

Can you think of more?

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