Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Shoe Fetish

Sake has gone through this before, but she has a shoe fetish which I do not understand.  Over the last week, she has laid on, sniffed, embraced, scratched at, hugged and otherwise consorted with the left shoe in a pair of Sketchers that I am not currently wearing regularly.
I have a "shoe hierarchy:" I keep a pair of Sketchers for work: they are the cleanest, in the best condition.  I keep other Sketchers that are picked at by Sake, split at the seams and repaired by Shoe Goo , or otherwise in less than good repair.

I need insole inserts to help me deal with arch and hip problems, and currently, the pair I have inserts in is in the third tier of the "shoe hieracrchy." The shoe that Sake has singled out for her attentions is not even being worn by me regularly now, although, admittedly they are in better repair than the shoes I am wearing.  (I am wearing the pair that needs to be "worn out.")

So, what is this about?  Who knows....

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