Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fall Ball vs Foul Ball

Baseball... After September 1, although it is not fall by the calender, it is fall in terms of baseball.  The pennant races are closing down. The teams are trying to get into post season play.  Even if teams are mathematically out of the post season, their performance can influence the standings of the teams who are in contention for post season play.

Players are injured and tired.  Pitchers have worn themselves out. The roster is expanded, but some, if not most of the expansion players are unknown entities.  Maybe not next year, but this year.

Some players tough it out. But if they do, are they playing at maximum strength?

Strategy includes days off, bull pen usage, pinch hitters, understanding base running. 

Baseball is a thinking man's game... It is sometimes chastised for being too slow, especially when my favorites the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are playing each other.   Some of the reason it is slow is because batters and pitchers play mind games with each other while in the battery...

I will protest any attempt to speed up the game.  Maybe a faster baseball game would improve TV ratings, but it would not improve the game.  And it would not improve radio ratings... I really think Major League Baseball needs to promote radio broadcasts as much as TV broadcasts... Because, sorry, but no matter how good TV announcers are, if you have a GOOD radio announcer, he is unbeatable, and makes the broadcast so ENJOYABLE.

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