Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oh, rain

I have been hoping for rain the last few days, as a result of the remnants of hurricane Hermine, but all we got was a misting Tuesday night Wednesday morning... Oh well, we are grateful for even a misting.

I watched the weather report this morning, and did not see a prediction for rain, but I could have missed it..

I saw the clouds building as I drove home from work, and then drove first to dinner, then to the book club meeting...The clouds were building, and the wind changed.  I know this generally means storms on the South Plains, but I did not even hope for rain, given the disappointment from the lack of rain from Hermine.

I left the book club meeting, and walked out into an ending shower.  There was lots of evidence of a recent hard shower, and plenty of thunder and lightning.  For about another hour... Less rain, more thunder and lightning... But rain, none the less.

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