Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have recently taken to drinking more tea, and am amazed at the varieties. I am more interested in herb teas which are infusions, not real tea.  I discovered herb teas while I was still in high school, and have enjoyed them on and off for years.

Tea is white, black, oolong, green, yellow and pekoe.  It comes from steeping leaves of the camillia sinensis plant.  My mother preferred tea to coffee, and I have sister who also prefers tea...When I am not feeling well in cold weather months, good strong hot tea is a staple of my self cure items.

There are also red teas, that are made from infusions from black tea, or teas made from the South African rooibos plant.  This is the famous red tea that is "bush tea" in The Number One Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.

Tea is purportedly the second most popular drink in the world, second to water.

We all have heard about the English tradition of afternoon tea...It is a break for tea like some of us have a coffee break or a cigarette break... One article says high tea is really dinner and this same article breaks down other kinds of tea ceremonies.

Tea is an interesting drink, and can be calming, soothing, congenial. Tea is tea.



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