Monday, September 20, 2010

Keeping Up With Everything

I have mentioned before that folks seem to be amazed at my organizational skills.  I am amazed by their amazement.  But, I do work hard to "keep up" with everything.  I use every trick I have ever heard:

I use reminders:  I used to have a central calendar and put everything on that... Now I use the calendars on my computer, at work and at home.  I send myself emails to remind myself to do things, or list things on my calendar.  I also call myself to leave messages so I will remember to do things. I use a commercial card sight reminder service to help me keep up with birthdays.

If an electronic account that I have offers a reminder service, I use it:  Bills due, amounts over threshold, change passwords.  I put reminders on my calendar for appointments, library books, meetings, and tasks that have to be repeated.

With all of that, I frequently do not need the reminders.  I use a technique of mindfulness that makes me aware of what I want to do, be aware of, remember.   I give myself the responsibility to remember things.  And, I generally do.

I miss things, occasionally.  Most embarrassingly, when I have changed from paper bills to ebills, I would sometimes forget the first time the notice came, that I was not getting a paper reminder, also... I am doing better with this.

I am thankful that my brain works as well as it does...

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