Monday, September 20, 2010

Work Space vs Sleep Space

Because my cats like to sit on the computer desk and even the key board of the computer while I am computering, and because I sometimes like to eat while I computer, I have recently placed a TV tray to the right of my computer chair. 

Frequently, this TV tray is occupied by a cat:  Haiku, who likes to play drop and fetch, or Sake, who generally wants to be petted, or just wants to sleep near where I am.

Tonight, I had lots of paperwork business in conjunction with computer work...Haiku claimed the TV tray, hiding the papers I had spread out... I rescued the papers, and set up yet another TV tray behind my chair, so I could swivel in my chair and work on the TV tray, then turn back to the computer.  At one point, Haiku moved to this second TV tray...I told her to go back, in no uncertain terms, but not unkindly...She understood.

I try to be reasonable about how much space my cats claim where I am trying to work... But I do insist I have enough room to work!

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