Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cat Food

Today, I opened a new bag of dry "indoor" cat food.  I had tried a different brand than the first one I tried, and while it was more expensive, the girls did not seem to care for it as much, and it took forever to work their way through the bag. So, the kind I bought was the first brand that I had tried.

So, this morning, I put out some of the new bag, and Sake was very interested... Soon, Haiku appeared, waiting her turn, so I put a dish down for her...After a while, Sake decided to check out Haiku's dish... I stood their watching, and told Sake not to chase Haiku away...So, Sake walked off.

Hours later, no one was at the food center, and Sake walked up...She went directly to the dish of green food I put out for Haiku...hmmm...

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