Friday, October 01, 2010

Capulin Volcano National Monument

I think I have previously written about the Capulin Volcano National Monument If not, this is the story:  last spring, visiting with some acquaintances, one mentioned the volcano...  I was all ears: I have lived in West Texas for 33 years, and never heard about this monument, about 6 hours or less from home.  I knew I had to see it... I decided to wait for the fall, and having done so, made the trip this weekend.  I planned a three day weekend, which I probably did not need.  Technically, I could have arisen early, driven to the volcano, toured it, and driven home... But I was ready for a trip out of town, to someplace I have not been before.

The volcano was neat:  I toured the very small visitor's center, and watched the video.  I drove up to the rim. Although I have had some hip problems lately, I put on my good hiking boots, and took the trip down to the crater.  Then, I hiked the rim trail, my trusty hiking stick in hand.  It really helped.  I went a ways into the lava flow trail, but lost the trail, so was able to just turn around and go back... The hiking tired me out, so a drive home would not be very sensible.

It was a good day: it was warm, but there were some clouds in the sky... There was a storm visible in the distance, but the rain did not touch the mountain.  The wind and cooler air from the storm made the hike better.  I saw a ground squirrel, a lizard, some unidentified birds, and lots and lots of crows at the sight.

On the way, I saw lots and lots of hawks, for sure, red tailed hawks, Swainson's hawks, and, I think, at least one kestrel.

It was a good trip to the volcano.

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