Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pushing Deadlines

So many people that I know say that they do their best work against deadlines.  Although they may have plenty of lead time for whatever activity, or project, they wait until they are close to the deadline and finish the project. There are those who would say that when faced with a deadline, the adrenaline rush helps them to complete the project.

I have to wonder about that... I do not like to work against deadlines, although, at one time in my life, I was an "adrenaline junkie."  Now, I like plenty of time to complete tasks and projects. I like to have time to plan things, and schedule things, and do things ahead of time. I like to review what I have done, and check things out, and make sure things are okay... I like to be satisfied with what I have done.

Even when I have "emergent" situations at work, I have models, and past experiences to fall back on that give me plans for handling such situations... I am glad for that...I like to plan ahead, be prepared, and be ready for whatever contingencies may occur.

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