Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Really Good Educational Experience

Today, a colleague and I were able to attend a continue education opportunity.  It was a workshop regarding mental health, dementia, delirium, and mental health treatment in various care settings. 

The workshop was very good.  The amenities were fine: the facility was a little cold, but comfortable, there were snacks and a meal and in general it was a good facility... The cost was reasonable. So it was a successful day.

What made this so good was the energy, interest, passion, caring and knowledge of the presenters.  They were obviously people who felt strongly about what they do, do it with the best of their ability, and believe in what they do...This affirmed those of us who approach our work in the same way.

It was a great experience. I am always grateful when I can attend an inspiring and energizing educational activity like this.



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