Monday, October 25, 2010

I Really Like Texas

I really like Texas...There are a lot of things I like about Texas.

Traveling down the road, you may get a "Hi Howdy" wave from a complete stranger... I love it!

Early voting is easy... Just show up at an early voting place in your county.  It is great.

Restrooms are not all that hard to find.  So many convenience stores, truck stops, and fast food places have public restrooms.  You can also stop in libraries, county courthouses, municiple buildings, if you have to... Many roadside rest stops have restrooms or portapotties. 

There is WiFI at some rest areas.

Rest areas that have picnic tables have shelters that reflect the culture of the area:  teepees, longhorns for example... Hmmm.

Stores stay open late.  After 10 PM.  Even in small  towns...



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