Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cats are not Dogs

For years, I used to sit outside with my dog:  we would go to the park and sit, we would sit in our back yard.  Sometimes the weather was not so great, but he wanted to be outside, so we would sit outside.  I would be in my winter jacket, wrapped in a blanket, or in my summer clothes, gasping for shade.  Mack loved to be outside.  And so do I.

I have cats now, and they like to go outside for a little while.  They like to eat grass. I do not let them roam free.  Unlike Mack, who was content to roam the fenced back yard, they are not. So, to keep them from climbing fences, especially Sake, I put them in a pen or on a tether when we are outside.  That is not as interesting for them... They seem to be content, more often than not, to be inside.  But, they want to be with me. Even when I am outside, they often cry, not to be outside with me, but for me to be inside with them.

I spent the better part of this glorious morning and afternoon outside, but Haiku wanted company inside. The minute I stepped in to get a fresh drink, so wanted company. Inside.  So, I am spending some time inside.

I have an errand to run later, though, and plan to take a quick trip to the canyon, just for a refreshing junket outside... That will be nice.

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