Saturday, October 23, 2010

Starlight Mints

You know what Starlight mints are  those round buttons with red or green stripes on the side, often served as after dinner mints in restaurants, sometimes even with the restaurant's logo or advertising on their wrapper.

Well, I have taken to eating peppermint Starlight mints after meals, sometimes.  Last night was one such occasion.  I was at the computer in the office, and Haiku joined me...We played "pen fetch" for a while.  But, she soon discovered the Starlight mints. 

I may have mentioned previously that Haiku loves anything that smells of mint, menthol or eucalyptus... You can imagine her joy at finding a couple of mints on the desk, next to the pen.  At first, she seemed to be trying to unwrap the candy...She could not figure it out (I have no doubt Sake would have, but Sake is unique about things like that.  And, if she had, in Haiku's presence, Haiku would have mimicked her.) Anyway, Haiku was content to play fetch with the mints.  She seemed to take great pleasure in really whacking the mints like they were hockey pucks: she sent them flying everywhere.  She played until well after I was ready to leave the office. When we finished, the two mints were on the desk.

This morning, they were no longer on the desk:  one, still wrapped, was on the bed.  The other, also wrapped, was in the living room, and later became a hockey puck again, ending up in the kitchen.  Even Sake joined in the game! 

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