Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My How the Sky Changes

Monday, October 18, the weather was a little unusual…We were supposed to have a record high in the high 80s but that did not happen. The clouds came in during the afternoon. It was not cool, but it was not hot, either. Then, a storm cell moved in. In the distance to the west, it was possible to see the down drafts, some areas of virga, but the down pouring of the rain. The winds shifted and changed rapidly from dead calm to rapidly swirling. But, the winds were not strong. And it rained.

As the one did on the 17th, this storm had a well defined front. It was larger and darker than the storm on the 17th. Dark enough to seem like night. But as I drove north, I drove out of the storm into bright sunlight. There was a beautiful, broad double rainbow to the east, framed against the very dark clouds. Within a couple of hours, the storm had dissipated, and the sky was dusky but not cloudy…

What weather we have in Texas!

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