Monday, November 01, 2010


Right now, thermostats play an interesting role in my life.

I have a programmable thermostat for the central heating/cooling system in my house. Although I had thought about doing this for years, I did not... What a mistake...I finally did this in the last couple of years.

During the summer, the temperature in my house does not vary by but a few degrees, but in the winter, there is about a 5 degree variance in the at home comfort zone, and away or asleep settings... Last winter, I saved about $20 a month...

Last winter paid for about half of the purchase and installation cost of the programmable thermostat.  Had I been brave, I might could have installed it myself...

Those of you who knew me in 2007 knew that I had to replace a water heater... And the same year I replaced it, I had to have it worked on, not once but twice:  the pilot light would not stay lit, and the electronic ignition switch also needed to be replaced.  The second time it was repaired (by Sears, on warranty, after waiting 12 days for a repair technician) I got good service, and good information.  Among other things, the first time it was repaired, the repair technician did not seal the connections well, and I ended up with a gas leak....  The second repair technician asked me to stay home after the repairs for a few hours, and call him directly if I detected gas... Wow, what a difference in service attitude.

So, sometime a few weeks ago, I am not sure when, my morning showers became lukewarm.  During the heat of the summer, this was not a problem.  I did not even think about it until I went  out of town early in October, and returned home to lukewarm showers.  So, I turned up  the thermostat.  And hoped for better.  But, still, did not think about it...

Until the weather got colder, and I am now having to warm the bathroom before I take a shower, and the lukewarm shower is not very pleasant.  So, I called Sears about the problem:  the water heater is new enough that parts are under warranty, but labor... And they could not give me a time for service repair except between 8 AM and 5 PM.   At some other job, I could imagine myself available if the technician called me and said I will be there in 30 minutes. The hospital/prison setting is a little more difficult to be able to do that. So, I am taking Wednesday, 11/3/10 off, unless the service technician arrives early enough in the day, so I can go to work.

What makes this even trickier, is due to computer upgrades, the electronic medical record at work goes down Friday noon.  So, I have to have chart reviews for Tuesday's treatment team done by then, or preferably, by Thursday PM....   Hmmm,   the logistics will be interesting, but doable. 

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